pneumatic door closer FC101-DB3
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pneumatic door closer FC101-DB

 Our pneumatic door closer product have Taiwan patent the NO. M410783, which it’s features is adjustable door at different opening angle, effectively permanently fixed door plate to make user in safety. Surface treatment include paint and anodized.

 Full 95 degree opening.

Size: 1-1/4" OD X 9" 

           1-1/4" OD X 10-1/2"

fit for all kind of light duty (the weight of door below 30kg) metal, wood or plastic out swinging door

for new installation or replacement on doors

adjustable closing speed control

two-hole end plug for adjustable latching power

available with replacement cover plate

with "fast latch" feature

※The central rod will keep more than 120 seconds after being pull

Accept customization

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